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New California MCLE Ethics Course – CA Legal Ethics in the Real Life of a Practicing Attorney


Pamela J. Anderson, Esq. has more 15 years of experience as a contract attorney in California. During this time, she has developed a heightened awareness of common, easy-to-overlook violations of The California Rules of Professional Conduct that have quite serious consequences. In our new course, Anderson examines how practicing attorneys can deal with these “real life” ethical issues.

Though they may seem abstract to attorneys caught up in the day-to-day realities of law practice, the California rules affect many different aspects of practice. Making expedient, quick decisions, with easy-to-overlook implications, can carry major consequences. The course covers the following rules:


  • Rule 1-300 – Not aiding in the “Unauthorized Practice of Law.”
  • Rule 1-320 – Not making financial arrangements between lawyers and non-lawyers.
  • Rule 1-400 – Staying within what is permitted for lawyer advertising.
  • Rule 2-100  – Not communicating with represented parties.
  • Rule 3-100 – Revealing client communications in order to prevent a crime resulting in death or substantial bodily harm.
  • Rule 3-200 – Not bringing claims not warranted by existing law, unless the lawyer has a good faith argument for extension, modification or reversal of the law.
  • Rule 3-300 – Avoiding interests adverse to a client.
  • Rule 3-500 – Keeping the client informed.
  • Rule 3-700 – Terminating employment when client difficult, or not paying.
  • Not violating Civ. Code 2944.7 and 6106.3 regarding loan modification work.


Pamela J. Anderson, Esq.

Anderson has practiced business, real estate, probate and trust litigation, having overseen real estate transactions, trust administration and estate planning, and business formation. Her experience includes both federal and state court. Anderson has personally responsible for as many as 26 active matters simultaneously. She received her J.D. from the University of Colorado Law School. She is a member of California Bar.
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