Being Aware of Cultural Differences When Clients Do Business in Mexico (MP3)

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An expert adviser to American executives in Mexico describes the many cultural differences that attorneys should be aware of when working with clients who are doing business in Mexico. This course is available as an audio recording that you can play on your PC or listen to on any MP3 player, such as an iPod. CA-Bar Approved for 1 Hour of Bias Credit.


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Mexico is America’s 3rd largest trading partner, with over $507 Billion dollars in combined trade, a great deal of which is transacted through California entities. California attorneys with clients doing business in Mexico can benefit from understanding the many subtle, and not so subtle, differences in business culture that affect the success of American-Mexican corporate relationships.

Albert Costilo
Albert Costilo

In this course, Albert Costilo, CEO of GlobalBusinessFluency.  A seasoned veteran of US business in Latin America, Albert offers the benefits of 20 years’ experience in helping American companies succeed in Mexico. His insights will help you advise clients on how to get deals done in Mexico with a minimum of friction and delay – while building strong relationships and avoiding needless problems that occur when Americans are not aware of how things work in Mexico.

You will learn:
  • What it takes to close a transaction with a Mexican corporation.
  • How to understand why a transaction is not getting done, or why it’s taking longer than you expected.
  • The importance of trust and relationships in Mexican business.
  • Successful approaches for doing business with Mexican clients or clients who are doing business in Mexico
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