Ethics: Virtual Law Firms & Cyber Security (Two 1/2 Hour Courses)

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Course 1:

As virtual law firms become more common, this convenient mode of practice raises a number of legal ethics challenges. This course explores ways to be a virtual practice (or do business with one) while adhering to the California Rules of Professional Conduct. (1/2 Hour of CA MCLE Ethics Credit)



Course 2:

New types of cyber threats change the terms of the attorney confidentiality discussion. Attorneys face increased exposure to malpractice, ethics complaints and civil litigation in this environment. This course helps attorneys understand the nature of the confidentiality risks in the digital age and suggests some approaches for risk mitigation.  1/2 Hour of CA MCLE Legal Ethics Credit.

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This Audio CD contains two 1/2 hour CA MCLE Ethics Courses:

Ethics Challenges in the Virtual Law Firm

1/2 Hour of CA MCLE Legal Ethics Credit.
Course Preview

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Virtual Law Firm. Virtual Law Office. Virtual Law Practice. All are practices in which attorneys work remotely using technology, and all are gaining in popularity in California due to their convenience and efficiency. With their virtual nature, however, virtual law firms raise potential ethical issues as the California Rules of Professional Conduct were designed with brick-and-mortar law firms in mind. It’s essential to understand how virtual practices can run afoul of these rules and act proactively with your firm. For example, are you violating the ethical standard of maintaining a client trust account in California (client’s residence) if you and the client reside in different states and funds are held electronically through online payments? (Rule 4-100: Preserving the Identity of Client Funds and Property of the Client) In this course, Brenda J. Edwards, Esq., a practicing California estate law attorney who has built her own virtual law firm, will share her proven recommendations for building an ethically sound virtual practice. In particular, the Course will address Rule 1-300 in relation to the ethical formation of your business entity (being aware of state entity formation limitations so you are not unwittingly engaged in the unauthorized practice of law), Rule 3-100 (maintaining confidentiality of client information and acting competently when relying on third parties to protect that information), Rule 3-500 (communication with clients while mitigating security risks), Rule 1-400 (advertising and solicitation rules that are easily forgotten, down to the size of the font required for the words “advertising” and the length of time you must maintain copies of mailing circulars), Rule 3-410 (professional liability insurance requirements: When you must have it and when you must disclose you don’t), and Rule 4-100 (preservation of the identify of client funds and property of the client within the virtual realm).

Brenda Edwards, Esq.

About the Instructor
Brenda J. Edwards, Esq, is Founder and Manager of CA Legal Help You Can Afford with Brenda Edwards, a virtual limited liability company. Edwards is an Avvo contributor with California Probate Code references and author of the Amazon book California Estate Law: Wills and Trusts Made Easy. She received her JD from the Taft Law School in Santa Ana, CA.



Cyber Threats and The Duty of Confidentiality

1/2 Hour of CA MCLE Legal Ethics Credit.
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California attorneys owe their clients a duty of confidentiality under Rule 3-100. A massive change in the scale and scope of cyber threats, however, have added new challenges to complying with this rule. In addition, Section 952 of the California Evidence Code bans disclosures of client information to third parties – something that is literally impossible on the Internet. This course explores ways that attorneys are newly vulnerable to ethics complaints, malpractice complaints and civil litigation in the new era of cyber security. The course also suggests some approaches to risk mitigation that are practical for large and small law firms.

ht_800x1000About the Instructor

Hugh Taylor, who was a lecturer at Berkeley Law from 2009 to 2011, has spent the last 20 years working in the information technology industry. He writes frequently about cyber security and compliance. Certified in Information Security Management, Taylor has done marketing and product management for security startups and global IT companies involved in cyber security.