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We are now accepting proposals to teach California MCLE courses for the 2018-2019 compliance group. Our goal is to create a portfolio of 25 great pre-recorded audio courses for practicing California attorneys. We strive to develop courses that are interesting and engaging.

  • Share your legal expertise with peers in the California Bar.
  • Earn CA MCLE credits and get access to our entire course catalogue for free.
  • Use your recorded course as a promotional podcast for your legal practice.

Questions? Call us now at (800) 887-7134 or email us.

How It Works:

  • What topics are we looking for? Whatever you do best. Share your expertise with fellow members of the California Bar. Sample presentations might include:
    • Recent notable cases in my area of legal practice.
    • What a California attorney needs to know about my area of legal practice.
    • What to know before hiring an attorney in my area of legal practice.
    • When you should refer a client to someone in my area of legal practice.
    • For mediators, a guide to preparing for mediation.
  • How does it work? Our courses are done interview-style. We interview you about your practice and insights you have about your area of the law during a one-hour, recorded conference call. You can do the call at your convenience from any place you like, such as your office or home. We usually have a brief initial call to discuss your topic. We then send you a list of interview questions which will discuss on the recorded conference call.
  • Can more than one attorney teach? Yes! Perhaps members of your firm would like to do a group interview.
  • Does it take a lot of time to prepare to teach? Most of our instructors spend about two or three hours preparing to teach. However, with our interview-style approach, there is a lot less preparation than is required for a lecture.
  • What do I get out of teaching? Teaching MCLE gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and promote your practice to peers on the California Bar. You can use the recording of your course as a promotional podcast for your practice. We can also help you repurpose your course into a written article. You receive 4 hours of CA MCLE credit for teaching. In addition, you get free access to our entire course catalogue.


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