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To Get Specific Beyond CA Ethics MCLE, Call the State Bar Ethics Hotline

We offer several well-received CA Ethics MCLE courses. But, if you need real guidance on an actual ethics question in your practice, you might want to call the State Bar Ethics Hotline. The CA Bar runs an ethics research service just for attorneys. Their phone number is (800) 238-4427. Or, link to them at the California Bar site.

Asking a Hypothetical California Legal Ethics Question

Here’s how it works: You can call and ask a hypothetical question. It will be answered by the Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (COPRAC). You can ask for a formal opinion, too. For details, look at Section 6 of the Committee’s Rules of Procedure of the State Bar.
COPRAC is subject to a number of rules. In some cases, they are not able to issue an opinion. For example:
– If your local bar association has an ethics committee.
– If your request is already subject to a Bar complaint, litigation, investigation or proceeding.
– If your issue is a complaint against a member of the State Bar.
– If you’re asking about Bar procedures about processing complaints against members of the State Bar.
– If you’re asking about law that is not related to governing lawyers.
– If your issue relates to sanctions like contempt, that are within the purview of the courts.
Also, it can take a while for the committee to issue an opinion. There’s a 90-day public comment period. Them, there’s a 30-day approval period with the State Bar Board of Trustees. These periods themselves follow a drafting process, which can also take time.

In the meantime, we’ve got CA MCLE Ethics

In the meantime, you can learn about relevant ethics issues with our CA Ethics MCLE courses. We offer the four CA Bar-approved MCLE ethics credits you need to comply with your MCLE requirements as a member of the California Bar.